Independent Arms, Raking Together

On November 7th, 2015, Wooster’s Volunteer Network hosted another successful Rake-a-Difference. Groups in attendance were the Omegas, Pi Kappa Peanuts, EKOs, SAAC,  Comm. Honors Society, Zetas, BWO, Women’s soccer,  Men of Harambee, Karate and Fencing clubs, Delta Phi Alpha, Peace Corps prep, Xi Chi Psi and various other students looking to make a difference in our community. Each group was assigned a route and given a stack of rakes to tackle the job in front of them. Working alongside one another, they made many yards surrounding the school clear of leaves and ready for the winter. Everyone got to know new people along the way- from raking alongside peers and chatting with our neighbors in the town. The community members were often surprised, and even recommended yards of those who were really unable to do it themselves. It was a refreshing way to see how close our community can be, how we can all rely on one another. Raking was a good way for volunteers to do work in a low stress environment, getting the chance to exercise and spend time outdoors as well. Volunteers left knowing they made a difference in our community. With many new memories of playing in piles of leaves, eating sweet treats left out for us and new stories to tell, Rake-a-Difference was a success on all fronts. If you missed it this year, be sure to look out for it next year- this is an opportunity you will not want to miss.



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