Student Organizations


Colleges Against Cancer

Raising more than $25,000 last year, Colleges Against Cancer is the driving group behind the annual Relay for Life event here on campus. Nearly 400 students participate in the 16-24 hour Relay event, planned and coordinated by 15-20 committee members. In addition the people walking the track throughout the course of the event and the specific ceremonies, each team has a table with a fundraiser, and there are lots of activities including music and more! For more information about the College of Wooster’s Relay for Life, visit our Facebook page at Get involved and join us in raising money for the American Cancer Society and helping “create a world with more birthdays!”



COW 4 Kids

COW 4 Kids is a volunteer partner program with the Wayne County Children’s Services. Wooster students are matched with children ages 5-17 and enter into a mentor/mentee relationship. Students are required to spend 4 hours a month with their mentee doing fun, free or low cost activities of their choice. A group of co-coordinators plan events throughout the year for mentors to bring their mentees to such as bowling in Scot Lanes and tie dyeing parties. Contact the Education department for more information.



Organic Farming ClubOF

In terms of what services we contribute, we essentially serve as some extra hands on some of the organic farms in the Wooster area. This means that one day we could be harvesting tulips, while another day we could be building raised beds or feeding a farmers chickens and lambs. We work closely with four farmers in the area, but occasionally will help out a farm or two that’s looking for help. It’s loads of fun and a great way relax for a few hours after a busy week. We are always looking for extra hands on the farms too! Contact Dr. Mariola ( for more information!





Physics ClubPH

For over thirteen years, the Wooster Physics Club has maintained a popular and exciting volunteer outreach program. This includes four different full-length outreach demonstrations in forces & motion, air pressure, electricity & magnetism, and waves & optics. Members of the Physics Club visit local elementary schools in Wooster once or twice a week to perform these demos to students from grades second to sixth. Our program has developed such a successful reputation that we present many demonstrations to an entire grade or several classes at the same time to accommodate the amount of interest. Teachers often look forward to these presentations every year, as many of these demonstrations are supplemental to their own curriculum, and are happy for the hands-on experience the programs can provide, not to mention the kids love it.

The Physics Club also plans and hosts the largest collaboration between all science clubs on campus. Each year the physics, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, geology, neuroscience, math, and astronomy clubs host Community Science Day. At this event, families from the Wooster community and students from the college are able to experience science across the disciplines. Not only does the Physics Club perform our four regular demonstrations, but an additional three more including polarization, holography, and spectra. This popular program keeps growing each year; in 2013 over 250 people attended this event from the Wooster community, including faculty, staff and students of the College. We host this event every April in Taylor Hall. Elementary School Outreach and Scot Spirit Day represent just a couple of the many ways that the Wooster Physics Club volunteers in the local community and shares their passion for physics with everyone around them. Contact Zane Thornburg ( for more information.


PLProyecto Latino

From Latino BBQs and Salsa dancing events, to conversations with Latina high school students and participation in social movements like SOA Watch and MEChA, we serve the community by bringing cultural, social and educational awareness to our fellow students about the Latina heritage and traditions. Contact Minerva Serrano ’18 ( or Carlos Mejia ’19 (cmejia19) for more information!




Young Life

YLYoung Life is a Christian outreach program where college students and adult community members reach out to high school and middle school kids in the Wayne County area to guide and mentor them. These students and community members are Young Life Leaders. Leaders are committed to being involved with kids’ lives — from supporting them at their sporting events to listening to them talk about what’s important to them. Our leaders help kids consider the direction of their lives, and they offer hope for their future. Contact Gabe Wasylko ’19 ( for more information.





Chemistry ClubCC

The Chemistry Club is a nationally recognized student chapter of the American Chemical society and is made up of approximately twenty five enthusiastic students, both majors and non-majors. The Club gathers once every two to three weeks (usually Sunday evenings 7:00-7:30 PM) to plan and discuss upcoming events. Such events include sponsoring guest speakers, celebrating National Chemistry Week/Earth Day, and hosting social events. A main component to membership is volunteering in outreach events both on and off-campus where members lead chemistry demonstrations and activities to engage children from the community to have fun, and explore the colorful world of chemistry. Contact Zane Thornburg ’18 ( for more information.