Service Trips


Michigan Urban Farming Trip:Mich1Mich2

The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative is new to WVN’s service trips. This trip will take place during the first half of fall break. The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative “seeks to engage members of the Michigan community in sustainable agriculture. We believe that challenges unique to the Michigan community (e.g., vacant land, poor diet, nutritional illiteracy, and food insecurity) present a unique opportunity for community-supported agriculture. Using agriculture as a platform to promote education, sustainability, and community—while simultaneously reducing socioeconomic disparity—we hope to empower
urban communities.” On this trip we will not only be farming, but also exploring Detroit culture, serving meals to the homeless, and building a strong Wooster community. Contact Kate Longo ( or Sydney Fine ( for more information.





West Virginia Spring Break Trip:WVT2WVT3

The WVN has been traveling to West Virginia during spring break for the last 10 years and will continue to do so. However, this year, First Year students will also be given the opportunity to serve in WV during fall break. The project is done under the direction of the West Virginia Ministry of Advocacy and Workcamps. Past projects include working on home repair and reconstruction, deconstruction, playground restoration, p
ark cleanup, stream bank stabilization, and flood relief. This trip hopes to connect students to people living in the area, build a diverse community of students, and create a foundation for future service work. Contact Professor Kammer ( or Meg Heller ( for more information.





Tijuana Spring Break Service Trip:T2T1

The Tijuana service trip is a joint trip with the WVN and Trinity United Church of Christ located in downtown Wooster during one week of spring break. The service work is directed by Esperanza International, an organization that works to uplift communities by building new homes. Most of your time (Monday-Friday 9am-3pm) will be spent on the work sites to help build bits and pieces of the homes alongside other community members. In past years, students have also visited a girls’ orphanage, a migrant workers home, and taken a trip to see the U.S./Mexico border. Contact Maurryce Starks (mstarks18) for more information.