Organizations in Wooster


Check out our interactive map of various service organizations in the community!


Adult Basic Literacy and Education

Work with adults looking to improve their English, Math, Reading, and Writing skills! ABLE is looking for volunteers to act as one-on-one tutors for their students. Application and background check required.

Contact: Chris Boyan, 330-988-1007



One-Eighty provides “full-service substance abuse assessment, treatment, education, and prevention” programming, and is looking for volunteers for several different areas of their organization. These include residential treatment volunteers, as well as volunteers to assist with prevention, training, and education. Application and training required.

Contact: Rhiannon Whalen, 330-264-8498, (subject line: Volunteer)


The Village Network

Help build brighter futures for at-risk youth in the community! Serve as a mentor, assist with special activities, coach transitional youth, and more. Application, orientation, and background check required.

Contact: Jenny Fowler, 330-202-3811,


Boys and Girls Club of Wooster

Interested in working with kids? Boys and Girls Club of Wooster is looking for volunteers to provide tutoring, homework help, or lead enrichment activities. Application, background check, and orientation required.

Contact: Caitlin Petit, 330-439-9629,



Volunteer at this local thrift store, whose proceeds benefit Hospice and Palliative Care of Greater Wayne County. Friendtique needs help with all in-store activities, from cleaning to sales and beyond. Application required.

Contact: Kelvin, Janet, or Dawn, 330-262-2012,


Habitat for Humanity

Interested in helping to solve the affordable housing crisis facing families in your community? Habitat is looking for volunteers to assist in the Restore or construction (depending on what projects are in motion).  Application required.

Contact: Joanne Leaman, 330-263-1713,


Nick Amster Workshop

The Nick Amster Workshop serves to employ adults with developmental disabilities in the local community. The organization is looking for volunteers to help with the variety of programming they provide to the adults that they employ, such as bowling, basketball, and other sports!

Contact: Lisa Brown,


Brookdale Senior Living Solutions

Enjoy working with the elderly? Brookdale is a great place for students interested in assisting with the activities offered to residents at Brookdale, from crafts to games, and more!

Contact: Robin Yeager, 330-249-1019,


The Wilderness Center

For those interested in working outdoors or saving the environment, the Wilderness Center is a great place to volunteer! Volunteer in the nature store, at special events, or as a trail monitor! Sign-up form required (available after contacting Debbie).

Contact: Debbie Casto, 330-359-5235 ext. 210,


Viola Startzman Clinic

A clinic providing medical and dental care to low-income residents of Wayne County. The clinic is looking for volunteers to assist with office and clerical work, as well as potential special projects. Application, orientation, and training required.

Contact: Cyndi O’Donnell, 330-262-2500 ext. 107,


Wayne County Humane Society

Love working with animals? The Humane Society is looking for volunteers to assist with day-to-day animal care, as well as their adoption events. The more volunteers they have, the more animals that can get adopted! Application required.

Contact: Alice, 330-262-0152,


And that’s not all!¬†Contact Meg Heller ( for more opportunities in the community!