FYS Community Connections Program

The FYS Community Connection Program (FYS CCP) was born out of a Wooster Volunteer Network push to cultivate a larger culture of service and community engagement on campus. The program is designed to incorporate an experiential learning component, rooted in service, into a select number of FYS courses each year. We feel that by exposing first-year students to such experiences, we can nurture students interested in service, and motivate a larger campus commitment to service and impact in the greater Wooster community. The FYS CCP initiative connects courses with local organizations or advocacy groups, which address an issue related to the topic of the FYS. A reflective component toward the end of the semester represents a vital final part to the CCP, in that it benefits the interests of the students, faculty, and the broader Wooster community.


A student volunteering with the Nick Amster Workshop.